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Beauty, Skincare and Cosmetic PLM Software

Platflow PLM provides a centralized product lifecycle management platform for cosmetic and beauty manufacturers, ensuring the adherence to quality standards throughout the process of manufacturing and developing products.


A Comprehensive Solution for Cosmetics Production

With Platflow PLM, handle all your new product development and introduction procedures in one central location. Achieve better control, clarity, and supervision over beauty product development, enabling faster innovation and market delivery.

Customers are increasingly seeking more ethical and environmentally friendly health and beauty products, which offer the same advantages, placing added strain on businesses within this sector. Managing product quality, traceability, and regulatory complexity globally without causing delays in product launches is more critical than ever.


Focus on product innovation and development.

  • Speed up formula development to expedite the creation of cosmetic products.
  • Comply with international regulations and cosmetic labeling standards.
  • Quicken the introduction of new products to the market by optimizing cosmetic manufacturing processes.
  • Plm for cosmetics and personal hygiene
  • Administer product range, composition, and packaging
  • Design your products, compute costs and regulatory information
  • Generate regulatory paperwork
  • Manage New Product Development (NPD) projects and minimize time to market


We comprehend your business obstacles

The Beauty & Personal Care sector is already a highly competitive space, with shelf positioning and brand familiarity being key in quick consumer decision-making. Now, the industry is also dealing with fresh consumer demands for eco-friendly product packaging, material management and regulatory ingredient supervision that pose challenges to manufacturers.


We possess the solution for you

As product lifecycles shorten and the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products and packaging rises, progressive Beauty & Personal Care manufacturers are increasingly depending on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to tackle these hurdles. A PLM solution aids in efficiently handling product innovation, package development, regulatory ingredient management, quality, and sustainability aspects.

Encourage innovation, enhance the dependability of your product data, and boost your productivity!

Platflow is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application engineered to oversee cosmetics and consumer items. Our cosmetic product advancement software accelerates market entry and product rollouts while enhancing product standards.


Comprehensive product evolution

Adapt to swiftly shifting consumer needs with a unified source of truth platform for new product creation and regulatory adherence.

Platflow offers a digital base aiding data governance for cosmetics manufacturers and personal care during the product enhancement process.

You are required to control intricate products and a broad product portfolio. Hence, you need to evolve product and packaging on a single platform where all your teams unite

Project oversight propels all projects and facilitates collaboration among departments from concept to product debut.


Platflow PLM solution offers multiple advantages

Our cosmetic product evolution software controls finished products, raw materials, packaging, their information, and documents in the product repository.

Exchange on our collaborative platform the same product database among Marketing, R&D, Regulatory, Production, and Supply chain!

Effortlessly generate the Product Information File (PIF) and regulatory documents with Document creation.

Finally, our connectors and Rest API permit Platflow to interact with other systems. Consequently, your product information is shared with your ERP, your labeling software, your CRM, GS1 portals, and your website.



Unified innovation

Quickly develop skincare product development by utilizing one system to collect new innovation and marketing ideas, perform ROI cost estimations, and communicate requests with R&D teams.


Analyze and develop

Access a history of global lab trial versions and results to expedite new product investigation.


Prioritize and Flourish

Identify top-priority projects with product evaluation, then automate PLM procedures to operate at the pace of OEM demands.


Formulation Development

Tailored for cosmetics: Utilize cosmetics-specific ingredient and formulation templates to normalize data prerequisites for new products.


Precision formula administration

Preserve and manage all versions of trials, formulations, and BOMs in a single system throughout the product enhancement process.


Adapt for emerging markets

Conveniently adjust existing formulations for new markets and associate all global variations in a continuously updated, integrated product data storage.




Compliance through design

Identify the regulatory suitability for new products at the idea inception stage, and connect labeling requirements to the onset of product development.


Compliance with velocity

Cut down the time spent on regulatory compliance checks with the creation of roll-up for INCI statements and safety data sheets.



Portfolio and Performance

Keep a comprehensive, consistently updated product portfolio in a single location, and explore deeper to illustrate how product variations perform worldwide.


Optimized supplier management

Guarantee conformity and minimize recall risk by integrating supplier product, cost, and compliance data directly into cosmetic product templates with the Supplier Collaboration Portal


Simplified Packaging Configurations

Manage various packaging configurations simultaneously by handling multiple variations for each element.


Integration and Standardization

Consolidate and Expedite: A unified integrated system aids you in boosting speed by eliminating data duplications and process obstacles as you amplify enterprise cooperation.


Assured Quality Control

Employ a standardized PLM process to ensure you're meeting quality benchmarks as formulations adapt for new markets and gain global insight into non-compliance.


Formulation to Commercialization

Link formula computations to labeling, packaging, and marketing operations to generate accurate, transparent product assertions in line with internal procedures.



A PLM Platform Cosmetic Manufacturers Can Rely On. Platflow PLM for cosmetics establishes a formulation feedback cycle between innovation, marketing, R&D, and regulatory teams across a single platform.

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